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Why Does my Photo Get Declined?
Last Updated a year ago

Your photo can be declined because it does not meet our photo rules. You can fix the problem by reading the instructions below then submit it again.

Here are the photo rules to follow for every photo at

  • You must be in the photo and the only person in the photo
  • You must face the camera, and the front of your face must be visible (no side or back shots)
  • Photo must be orientated correctly (not upside down or sideways)
  • Photo must not contain nudity or imply the actions of sexual activity
  • There must not be any text, advertising, logos, frame/border decoration, overlay effects or contact details on the picture.
  • Photo must not be black and white, filtered to a single tone or heavily filtered.
  • There must not be tobacco, alcohol or illegal drug use in the photo. Such things must not be implied or suggested, including pretending to smoke or using electric cigarettes.
  • Photo must be clear and taken in good lighting and easy to view (not dark, grainy or blurry)
These rules help make sure you have the best chance of being discovered by potential partners in our search system without distractions that may not interest them until they get to know you more personally. We also want to provide the highest standards of search results for everybody.

Tip: Take a selfie that includes your face and shoulders. Good photos can be taken outside in the sun with your phone or laptop and with a computer webcam inside with a bright light switched on.

Now you know how to get a photo approved, find your best ones that meet the above rules and submit them.

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